BBC:英国特种空勤团:叛逆的勇士 SAS: Rogue Warriors 【2017】【战争 / 纪录片】【更新至01/03】【英国】

编剧: Ben Macintyre主演: Ben Macintyre类型: 戰爭 War / 紀錄片 Documentary制片国家/地区: 英國 UK语言: 英語 English首播: 6 Feb 2017集数: 3单集片长:&n…

编剧Ben Macintyre
主演Ben Macintyre
类型: 戰爭 War / 紀錄片 Documentary
制片国家/地区: 英國 UK
语言: 英語 English
首播: 6 Feb 2017
集数: 3
单集片长: 1hr
IMDb链接: tt6497600

BBC:英国特种空勤团:叛逆的勇士 SAS: Rogue Warriors 【2017】【战争 / 纪录片】【更新至01/03】【英国】

SAS: Rogue Warriors的剧情简介  ·  ·  ·  ·  ·  ·

  The Special Air Service is the world's most famous combat unit with the motto 『Who Dares Wins' – but the story of how it came into existence has been, until now, a closely guarded secret. 
  Now, 75 years after it all began, the SAS has agreed to open up its archive for the first time and allow journalist and best-selling author Ben Macintyre (Operation Mincemeat, Agent Zigzag) to reveal the true story of their formation during the darkest days of World War II. 
  With unprecedented access to the SAS secret files, unseen footage and exclusive interviews with its founding members, this series tells the remarkable story behind an extraordinary fighting force.


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