BBC:中国瓷器瑰宝 Treasures of Chinese Porcelain 【2011】【纪录片】【英国】

导演: Ian Denyer主演: Lars Tharp官方网站:制片国家/地区: 英国语言: 英语上映日期: 2011-10-11片长: 60分钟IMDb链接:&nbsp…

导演: Ian Denyer
主演: Lars Tharp
制片国家/地区: 英国
语言: 英语
上映日期: 2011-10-11
片长: 60分钟
IMDb链接: tt2119564

BBC:中国瓷器瑰宝 Treasures of Chinese Porcelain 【2011】【纪录片】【英国】

BBC.中国瓷器瑰宝的剧情简介  ·  ·  ·  ·  ·  ·

  In November 2010, a Chinese vase unearthed in a suburban semi in Pinner sold at auction for £43 million – a new record for a Chinese work of art. Why are Chinese vases so famous and so expensive? The answer lies in the European obsession with Chinese porcelain that began in the 16th century. 
  In this documentary Lars Tharp, the Antiques Roadshow expert and Chinese ceramics specialist, sets out to explore why Chinese porcelain was so valuable then – and still is now. He goes on a journey to parts of China closed to Western eyes until relatively recently. Lars travels to the mountainside from which virtually every single Chinese export vase, plate and cup began life in the 18th century – a mountain known as Mount Gaolin, from whose name we get the word kaolin, or china clay. He sees how the china clay was fused with another substance, mica, that would turn it into porcelain. 
  Carrying his own newly-acquired vase, Lars uncovers the secrets of China's porcelain capital, Jingdezhen. He sees how the trade between China and Europe not only changed our idea of what was beautiful – by introducing us to the idea of works of art we could eat off – but also began to affect the whole tradition of Chinese aesthetics too, as the ceramicists of Jingdezhen sought to meet the European demand for porcelain decorated with family coats of arms, battle scenes or even erotica. 
  The porcelain fever that gripped Britain drove conspicuous consumption and fuelled the Georgian craze for tea parties. Today the new emperors – China's rising millionaire class – are buying back the export wares once shipped to Europe. The vase sold in Pinner shows that the lure of Chinese porcelain is as compelling as ever.

  2010年11月,在皮纳郊区出土的中国花瓶以4300万英镑的高价拍卖出售 – 但为什么它们这么有名?这么昂贵?陶瓷专家拉尔斯·撒普列明深入中国封闭地区,一探西方人眼中神秘的瓷器制作历程。拉尔斯前往高林山,我们认识了高岭土这个词,看到中国粘土,如何与另一种物质,云母,融合,变成瓷器。拉尔斯携带他自己的新收购的花瓶,揭示中国瓷器的资本,景德镇的秘密…他回给我们介绍该如何看待中国和欧洲之间的贸易:它不仅改变了我们对美丽的看法,也开始到影响了中国美学的整个传统…





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